Hare Guidelines

The Hare plays a key role in making a hash event enjoyable and successful. It requires preparation and a bit of experience to prepare a good trail. Here are some guidelines.

  • Please buy chalk and/or flour but do not spend money on food. We never know how many people will come – and the number of hashers determines our budget and how much beer we need to buy!
    We are grateful and happy if somebody prepares and offers food but please understand that this is voluntary; we cannot reimburse you.
  • Choose a suitable starting point. If it is autumn, winter or raining season try to find a park etc. with some rain protection/roof. Also, be careful with residential areas; not everybody enjoys hash songs in the neighborhood. Reasonably clean toilets nearby will get you bonus points!
  • Once you decided on a location contact the Hare Raiser/Miss Management who will ensure that the hareline (web site, Facebook) gets updated. If it takes more than 5 min. to get from the station to the start point we need to mention this on the hareline.
  • Provide Grand Master (GM), hare raiser with your mobile phone number and your email address. We need to ensure that we can react quickly in case anything unforeseen should happen.
  • If you do a live trail we’ll need a bag watcher. Please ask another hasher to be your co-hare for this.
  • For laying the trail you need chalk and/or flour. You’ll need more that you think! For a standard trail of 7 – 8 km you’ll need 1 box of big chalk and 3 packs of flour. Get more if the trail is longer. In case of rain you need much more flour. Get at least 5  kg packs! Buy chalk and flour in a 100 yen shop or any other discounter and keep the receipts. You will be reimbursed.
  • Arrive at least 1 hour before the start. On arrival mark the way from the station(s) to the start point. If you have a blue-sheet bring it. If you’re in doubt what you have to bring, ask the GM or MM. Make sure that your co-hare knows when to arrive.
  • GM (Grand Master), Miss Management (MM) will arrive at about the same time. The first hashers normally arrive 30 – 40 mins before the start. The GM will bring chalk for the pack, hash registration sheets etc.
  • As hashers arrive there is normally a bit of time to get some drinks for the first people arriving back after the trail. Make sure that you know where to buy beer, mineral water etc. Get somebody to help you.
  • Average consumption is about 3 cans of beer per hasher. Buy a mixture of 0.33l and 0.5l cans. Many people are happy with 2 cans of beer. 0.33l s are often fine but if there are 0.5l cans only they drink two big cans. Get also some food. This is not only healthier but also reduces the alcohol consumption a bit.
  • After the circle we clean up. Due to the various levels of alcohol inflicted physical and mental challenges it always happens that find left over items. GM / MM will try to identify the owners and return the belongings on following events.
  • OnOn parties are quite popular but for a number of reasons (budget constraint, family) not everybody will attend. Typically we go to a local Izakaya and spent about 2,500 Jpy per person. To avoid unpleasant surprises one person should be doing the ordering. If you’re not sure if you’re still within the budget ask the staff to check the current bill.